4 "No" For Industrial Touch Screens Maintenance

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Update time : 2019-08-23 16:21:47
When we maintain electronic products, we should know what we need to pay attention to, otherwise it will affect the quality of the products. The industrial touch screens are one of the products, so what is the 4 "no" maintenance method of using the industrial touch screens? 

1. Keep the strong magnetic field away from the industrial touch screens. 

Electromagnetic fields must be avoided when used, as the magnetic field can cause temporary failure of the capacitance screen (serious or even permanent damage). Attention should be paid to magnetic items such as sound, and do not let them close to the touch screen display. 

2. Don't let the industrial touch screens have a serious electrostatic effect. 

The electrostatic effect is easy to break through the capacitance screen. Although the glass on the surface of the capacitance screen of the touch screen display has been treated with a certain degree of antistatic treatment, it can only withstand static electricity under a certain intensity. Therefore, when selecting the protective film of the touch screen, we must pay attention to the protective film with strong antistatic ability as far as possible. 

3. Do not use industrial touch screens for long periods of time in high temperature environments. 

Do not use in the high temperature sun for a long time, when the surrounding temperature reaches 40 ℃, it will cause the capacitance screen drift of the touch screen, which will lead to the direct scrapping of the touch screen display for a long time, resulting in economic losses to companies or individuals. 

4. Do not let oil and sweat come into contact with industrial touch screens. 

Because oil, sweat and other contact with the touch screen will be covered with a dense conductive layer and cause screen drift, so the touch screen display should be away from oil and sweat. 

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