The Differences Between Full View LCD Screens And Ordinary Displays

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Update time : 2019-08-22 11:27:02
On the outside, there is no difference between a full-view lcd screens and an ordinary displays, but in fact, they can see the gap in terms of hierarchy, driver, visual perspective, price, and so on. Let's talk about these differences between a full-perspective lcd screens and a ordinary lcd displays. 


First of all, from the level, the technical parameters of the full-view lcd screens are much higher than the ordinary lcd displays, relatively speaking, the price discount is a little more expensive, however, these differences determine the picture display quality of the two types of display screens. 

Secondly, from the driver point of view, because the working time of the ordinary display screen is relatively short, the working time of the full-view lcd screens is longer. 

In addition, from a visual point of view, the full-view lcd screens has a larger visual angle, and the performance-to-price ratio is better than the ordinary display screen. 

The full-view lcd screens can be processed and customized, unlike the ordinary display screen, with visual blind spots, simple structure, simple process and low cost. The biggest bright spot of a full-view LCD screen is that it has a much larger vision than an ordinary display screen, usually between 120 and 160 degrees.

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