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4 Points To Pay Attention To In Customization Of Outdoor Advertising Display

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Author : China advertising display supplier
Update time : 2021-04-07 09:34:18
Outdoor advertising display machine can be free from the restrictions of the weather, the need to transmit and promote the information content displayed outdoors, to the outdoor dissemination of information to achieve a very good effect display. It can be widely used in outdoor advertising, outdoor public information release, outdoor media dissemination, touch interactive query, and other fields. What points should I pay attention to when customizing outdoor advertising display machines?

First of all, to be able to attract attention, to have a novel and bright appearance. Therefore, the use of scratch-proof, anti-corrosion all-metal structure material and exquisite metal texture appearance can meet the various appearance customization requirements of customers. At the same time, the tempered glass uses high perspective, low reflection, zero ultraviolet, anti-glare, can block more than 50% of solar radiation, riot prevention in line with international safety glass standards, outdoor anti-glare A-pressed glass design, can be in direct sunlight, so that the LCD screen does not blacken.

Secondly, multimedia HD display. The requirements of outdoor equipment have certain particularity, the first thing to solve the problem is that the screen display content should be visible in outdoor strong light, to meet this requirement, it is necessary to improve the brightness and contrast of the display screen, provide 2000-2500cd/ brightness, reach 3000 2500cd/ 1 contrast, use 1920 × 1080 resolution, display the standard 16:9 screen, plus professional wide-angle liquid crystal panel and unique liquid crystal color restoration technology. It can highlight the video and picture information to be displayed by the outdoor advertising machine, and enhance the publicity effect of advertising.

Then, test the durability. Outdoors, to deal with various conditions of natural weather, summer inflammation, and winter cold, which put forward the requirements for the temperature solution of LCD advertising machine. Advanced intelligent integrated cooling and heating air conditioning temperature control, through the air circulation heat dissipation system, effectively stabilize the internal temperature and humidity, so that the durability and service life of the product can greatly improve the outdoor advertising machine. At the same time, the outdoor advertising machine is also faced with waterproof, dustproof, air duct, anti-typhoon, shockproof, anti-corrosion, which need to be reflected in the product structure design. Through the use of all-metal structure and professional waterproof materials, the outdoor advertising machine can achieve high temperature and low-temperature resistance, aging and wear resistance, and achieve the moisture-proof effect, extend the service life of the advertising machine, and achieve 24-hour continuous work.

Finally, energy-saving control. The advantages of high-definition display and efficient information dissemination are essential, but they often bring greater power consumption. If you can allow users to set automatic switch time, reduce the cost of electricity, so as to reduce the cost of customer use.
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