How to Set The Advertising Machine to Vertical Screen?

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Author : China LCD screen supplier
Update time : 2021-04-02 10:35:04

Recently, one of our customers put forward: vertical LCD advertising machine, but the video is horizontal version, how to change to vertical version? 

Method 1: use the remote control to set up. 

At present, some LCD advertising machines on the market support the use of LCD advertising machine remote control to set horizontal screen and vertical screen, you can directly use the remote control to change the picture and video playback mode. When the LCD advertising machine remote control plays, select: picture-picture rotation-left rotation / right rotation. In the case of video, you can rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise or clockwise, and then adjust to the screen size, the video can not leave a black edge, but the picture is definitely deformed. 

Method 2: set up with software. 

At present, there are some format conversion software that can switch between horizontal and vertical screens of LCD advertising machines. if you can't find the relevant software on the Internet, you can find LCD advertising machine manufacturers to assist in installation. However, if there is a black edge or distortion of the video in the process of changing the horizontal screen to the vertical screen with the software, it is recommended to use the split-screen software to play the video and pictures. If it really doesn't work, you need to recreate the video in the corresponding format. 

Method 3: select a rotatable LCD advertising machine. 

This is the simplest but also relatively expensive way. Its advantage is that no matter horizontal screen, vertical screen video or picture can be played, as long as the screen is rotated, the screen display content will be automatically adjusted to perfectly solve the problem of incomplete display caused by screen size discrepancy.
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