INNOLUX: Predicts that LCD Panels Will Be Out of Stock For A Whole Year in 2021

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Author : China LCD panel supplier
Update time : 2021-03-05 10:03:15
Hong Jinyang, chairman of INNOLUX Optoelectronics, a large panel manufacturer, pointed out that for the whole of this year, the supply and demand of panels may be in short supply. Although the nominal production capacity is still larger than the current demand, there is a shortage of key components, resulting in the panel supply unable to meet customer demand in a timely manner, such as polarizers, driving IC and other IC, as well as the water shortage problem faced in the dry season in Taiwan, and so on, resulting in the current panel production process can not be efficient output, this phenomenon seems to last for a whole year.

Yang Zhuxiang, general manager of INNOLUX Optoelectronics, further explained that in addition to the traditional 3C application products, novel coronavirus has caused changes in people's lifestyle, and in order to maintain production efficiency and video conferencing, there has been a great demand for small-size televisions recently, resulting in some rigid demands. the company is not only optimistic about the demand for the first half of the year, but also cautiously optimistic about the demand for the second half of the year, and now 5G and electric cars are competing with 3C products for chips. The shortage of IC causes a great deal of uncertainty in panel supply.

On the other hand, INNOLUX Optoelectronics is also trying to provide a diverse and flexible product portfolio to meet customer needs. Yang Zhuxiang said that during the epidemic, education spending became an important project in various countries, resulting in a big increase in demand for notebook computers and tablets. However, last year, only 30% of the rigid demand from the education market was met, and 70% of the demand has not yet been met. In order to meet customer demand, INNOLUX Optoelectronics's supply of NB panels increased by 50% in the second half of last year and is now the second-largest supplier of NB panels in the world.

On the whole, INNOLUX Optoelectronics believes that in 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic shook the global industrial economy and comprehensively changed the pattern of human life and work, and the panel industry's in-house economy deepened people's dependence on electronic technology products, which in turn pushed up demand. coupled with the tightening and limitation of materials in the upstream supply chain, it is estimated that the panel shortage may last until 2021.
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