The Price of Small and Medium-sized Panels Will Rise 3%

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Author : China LCD panel supplier
Update time : 2021-01-22 11:35:39
The brand factory prepares goods in advance before the Chinese Spring Festival, and the delivery of mobile phone panels and tablet panels can continue in January. Coupled with the sharp rise in the price of panel-driven IC, in response to the rise in the cost of materials, the prices of mobile phone panels and tablet panels maintained a slow upward trend in January, with an increase of about 1% to 3% in a single month, of which the price of a-Si panel rose sharply, and the prices of LTPS panel and AMOLED panel were stable.

Caijing, a small and medium-sized panel factory, said that demand for IT in the first quarter was still quite strong, with high visibility of tablet panel orders and heating up demand for mobile phones, wearable devices, and car panels, and capacity remained at full capacity. As panel prices continue to rise, Caijing's revenue in the first quarter is expected to remain high-end.

Market Survey Group Intelligence Consulting said that the panel market was volatile in January. From the supply side, the tight supply of parts and components and rising prices led to a rise in the cost of materials. On the demand side, although there is a demand for brand factories to the stock ahead of the Chinese New year, the impact of the intensification of the epidemic remains to be seen.

A-Si panels have been rising since the second half of last year, and market demand in January was still relatively tight, especially driving IC prices to soar, so both semi-finished panels and rear panel modules rose in January, with an average monthly increase of about 20.3%.

Under the sandwiched attack of a-Si panel and AMOLED panel, the demand for LTPS panel is relatively weak, but because it drives the IC price to rise sharply, there is also pressure to increase the price. The panel factory reflects that the cost has increased the price, but the Japanese panel factory still reduces the price and asks for sale because of the production capacity pressure.

As for the AMOLED panel, rigid OLED panel supply and demand is tight, panel factory capacity utilization to maintain high-end, panel prices are flat in January, follow-up prices may rise. Flexible OLED panel because the Chinese panel factory's new production capacity continues to open, the overall market supply exceeds demand, the price is a downward trend.
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