5 advantages and 6 disadvantages of LCD TV

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Nowadays many lcds are replaced by leds because of their advantageous features than the lcd's. The led's are more effecient than the lcd's, led's are light instantly in nano seconds, not effected in cold temperatures and leds are more controllable for brightness and color.LCD stands for liquid crystal display and LED stands for light emitting diodes. What are the major advantages and disadvantages of LCD TV?


Advantages of LCD tv:

1. Sharpness 
Image is perfectly sharp at the native resolution of the panel. By using analog input require careful adjustment of pixel tracking/phase in LCDs

2. Geometric Distortion 
At the native resolution of the pannel there is zero geometric distortion . Minor distortion for other resolutions because the images must be rescaled.

3. Brightness 
By using very bright images high peak intensity is produced . Best for brightly lit environments.

4. Screen Shape 
Screens are perfectly flat.

5. Physical 
There is a small foot print and Consume little electricity and produce little heat.

Disadvantages of LCD tv:

1. Aspect Ratio:The aspect ratio and resolution are fixed.

2. Contrast:Lower contrast than CRTs due to a poor black-level.

3. Resolution:Works best at the native resolution. The native resolution can not be changed. All other resolutions require adjusting procedures which can cause considerable deterioration of the image.

4. Viewing Angle:Restricted viewing angles. Viewing angles affect the brightness, contrast and colors shown. Wide angles can lead to contrast and color reversal.

5. Cost:Considerably more expensive purchase price than comparable CRTs . (Cheaper lifetime cost: lasts about 13,000 - 15,000 more hours than a typical CRT.)

6. White Saturation:Saturation and compression can occur due to the bright-end of the intensity scale becoming overloaded. Contrast control must be carefully adjusted.
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