2018 China LCD manufacturers and production capacity distribution

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The latest development of the global display panel industry was in Japan. Later, Korean panel manufacturers became the industry leader, followed by Taiwan, China. Because of the huge amount of investment in the liquid crystal panel, the manufacturers of the panel have gradually slowed down the pace. The Chinese mainland LCD manufacturers have made great achievements in the past ten years, with the strong support of the state. China's mainland panel production capacity is gradually improving, and will become the largest panel production base in the world in 2018. What are the domestic LCD /OLED panel production lines and how are the capacity distribution?

1, BOE

BOE, founded in April 1993, is an Internet of things technology, product and service provider. As of 2017, BOE (Beijing East) global market share continued to increase: smart phone LCD panel, tablet computer LCD screen, notebook computer LCD screen market account for the world's first, display screen, TV LCD screen holding rate of second of the world.

At present, BOE has 11 semiconductor display lines in Beijing, Chengdu, Hefei, Ordos, Chongqing, Fuzhou and other places, including the world's highest generation line in the world - the 10.5 generation of Hefei line in Hefei and the sixth generation of the Mianyang flexible AMOLED production line. In addition, BOE in Inner Mongolia Ordos, Chongqing, Hebei Gu'an, Jiangsu Suzhou, Fujian Xiamen and other places also have a number of manufacturing bases.

2, Tianma Microelectronics

Tianma Microelectronics, founded in 1983, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and management of liquid crystal display (LCD) and liquid crystal display module (LCM). The invested enterprises include Tianma in Shenzhen, Tianma in Chengdu, Tianma in Wuhan, Tianma in Shanghai, Tianma in Europe, Tianma in America and Tianma in Korea. With STN-LCD, CSTN-LCD, TFT-LCD and CF production line and module factory, it has become a leader in the field of small and medium size display.

3, Huaxing optoelectronic

Shenzhen Huaxing optoelectronics was founded in 2009 with a registered capital of 18 billion 342 million yuan.

The total investment of the first phase project is 24 billion 500 million yuan, and the design capacity is 100 thousand pieces / month. At present, it has exceeded 155 thousand pieces per month, and the super design capacity is 55%. Phase II project design capacity of 100,000 pieces per month, successfully developed and introduced the production of the first domestic application of Cu/Cu process + COA technology of the world's highest penetration rate LCD panel. The three phase of the project after the full post, will realize the annual production of small and medium size display panel or module about 88 million, the sixth generation of flexible LTPS-AMOLED projects and the eleventh generation of TFT-LCD and AMOLED projects are also in the construction.

9, Samsung (Suzhou)

Key words: the 8.5 generation TFT-LCD production line, 900 thousand tablets / year, LCD TV

The 8.5 generation TFT-LCD production line of Samsung (Suzhou) is a high generation TFT-LCD panel project by Samsung Electronics Corporation, Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Suzhou Industrial Park state asset holding Development Co., and TCL group Limited by Share Ltd in the proportion of 50%, 10%, 30% and 10%.

The main products of the project are 23-55 inch LCD TV display panel. The maximum design capacity is 2500 mm * 2500 mm TFT-LCD glass substrate 900,000 pieces per year. Suzhou Samsung liquid crystal display technology Co., Ltd. has 900 thousand 8.5 generation film transistor liquid crystal display unit (TFT-LCD) production line construction project in 5 construction in 2012, and put into trial operation in November 2013.

12, Au optoelectronic (Kunshan)

Keywords: sixth generation LTPS production line, 60 thousand PCS / month, mobile phone and computer

The total capacity of the sixth generation LTPS production line of the friendship (Kunshan) is 60 thousand pieces of glass substrate. The glass substrate produced by the Kunshan LTPS project is 1500*1850 mm, and 20 thousand pieces of LTPS panel are produced in the month; the friendship Kunshan factory creates a dragon production line. The process covers the front section TFT array and color filter, the in-cell touch control and the middle cell. And the rear module, will produce high-end smartphone panels, embedded touch panels and high-end notebook computer panels and other products.

15. Longteng optoelectronic

Key words: ivo, 5.5 generation TFT-LCD production line, 90 thousand tablets / month

Kunshan Longteng Optoelectronics was founded in 2005, is the third domestic fifth generation TFT-LCD manufacturer, designed to produce 90,000 LCD panels per month. To ensure the integrity of TFT-LCD panel manufacturing, we successfully transferred our investment to the Module Plant (Kunshan Yuansheng Electronics Co., Ltd.) in May 2008. At present, there are about 4,000 employees.


Key words: Shenzhen LCD manufacturer

SZ Xianheng Technology Co., Ltd. is an industrial LCD display solutions provider, through high-quality LCD screen products and display driver program for the display and touch control terminal device.So far, the product has been widely used in medical, military, intelligent transportation, finance, security, electricity, industry and other industries.  We mainly agent LCD screen distribution AUO, MITSUBISHI, BOE, INNOLUX and other brands and so on.According to customer needs to provide a variety of LCD products including supporting LCD, LCD driver board, resistance and capacitance touch screen, LCD dedicated wire, the production of small and medium-size industrial monitors, touch screen, etc.
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