5 Characteristics Of TFT LCD Panel

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With the maturity of TFT-LCD technology in the early 1990s, color liquid crystal flat panel display has developed rapidly. In less than 10 years, TFT-LCD has rapidly grown into a mainstream display, which is inseparable from its advantages. The main features of TFT LCD panel are:

(1) good operating characteristics: low voltage application, low driving voltage, improved safety and reliability of solid use; flat and thin, saving a lot of raw materials and space; low power consumption, its power consumption is about 1/10 of CRT display, reflective TFT-LCD is only about 1% of CRT, saving a lot of energy. TFT LCD panel products also have many characteristics, such as specification, model, size series, variety, convenient and flexible to use, easy to maintain, update, upgrade, long service life and so on. The display range covers the application range of all monitors from 1 inch to 40 inches and the projection plane, so it is a full-size display terminal; display quality ranges from the simplest monochromatic character graphics to high resolution, high color fidelity, high brightness, high contrast and high response speed of various types of video displays; display modes include direct vision, projection, perspective and reflection.

(2) the manufacturing technology has a high degree of automation and good characteristics of large-scale industrial production. The technology of TFT LCD panel industry is mature, and the finished product rate of large-scale production is more than 90 [%].

(3) it has a wide range of application, and can be used normally in the temperature range from-20 ℃ to + 50 ℃. The low temperature working temperature of TFT LCD panel treated by temperature reinforcement can reach minus 80 ℃. It can be used not only as mobile terminal display, desktop terminal display, but also as large screen projection TV. It is a full-size video display terminal with excellent performance.

(4) good environmental protection characteristics: no radiation, no flicker, no harm to the health of users. In particular, the emergence of TFT-LCD electronic books and periodicals will bring mankind into the era of paperless office and paperless printing, and trigger a revolution in the way human beings learn, spread and remember civilization.

(5) TFT LCD panel is easy to be integrated and updated. It is a perfect combination of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuit technology and light source technology, and has great potential for further development. At present, there are amorphous, polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon TFT-LCD,. There will be other materials in the future. TFT, has both glass and plastic substrates.

TFT LCD panel is characterized by good brightness, high contrast, strong layering and bright colors, but it also has some shortcomings such as power consumption and high cost. TFT liquid crystal technology accelerates the development of mobile phone color screen. Many of the new generation of color screen phones support 65536 color display, and some even support 160000 color display. At this time, the high contrast and rich color advantage of TFT is very important.
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