IPS Panels Better Than VA Panels?

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Author : BOE LCD panels supplier
Update time : 2020-08-05 11:00:45
Many people always believe in IPS panels when buying monitors, thinking that only IPS panels are the best, and TN and VA panels are not considered. Admittedly, IPS panels have some advantages in color and visual angle, but are other panels really that bad? 

In order to understand this problem, we first need to know the panel type of LCD. At present, the LCD panels are mainly divided into three categories, which are TN, VA and IPS.

TN panel, full name Twisted Nematic (twist nematic), because the production cost is relatively low, so it is the first popular panel in LCD. The advantage of TN panel is that the response time of GTG panel is very fast, and the gray scale response time of GTG is often up to 1ms, which is the lowest among all LCD panels, so many e-sports / game monitors use TN panel. 

However, the shortcomings of the TN panel are also obvious, such as less output gray scale, white color, small visual angle and so on. 1080p is the most common resolution in the TN panel, and there are also some 27-inch QHD panels, and the latest panel can do 28-inch UHD. At present, the main manufacturers of TN panels are Samsung display (Samsung Display), LG, Youda Optoelectronics, Qunchuang Optoelectronics, China Picture Tube and so on. 

Let's talk about the VA panel. VA panel full name Vertical Alignment (vertical arrangement), its advantage lies in the contrast, VA panel is the highest contrast of all LCD panels, usually can reach 3000 VA 1, while the contrast of TN, IPS is only about 1000 VA 1, the intuitive feeling of high contrast is that black looks purer and the picture is more layered. 

The gray scale response time of VA panel is faster than that of IPS, and some of them even reach the same 1ms as TN, while the visual angle of TN is much better than that of TN, which is consistent with the visual angle of IPS panel, and there is no light leakage problem of VA panel. 

Finally, let's talk about the IPS panel. IPS full name In-Plane Switching (plane conversion), its advantage is that the color performance is relatively good, and the visual angle is also relatively wide, horizontal and vertical visual angle can reach 178°, but the contrast is not as good as VA panel, and the problem of light leakage is also more prominent. 

From the above carding, it is not difficult to see that each panel has its own advantages, but also some inherent shortcomings. For example, TN panel is better than fast response time, but the color and visual angle is not good; VA panel contrast is high, but there are still some differences in response time and color; IPS color is good, but there are long response time and light leakage problems. 

So which panel to choose depends on the specific requirements, you can't simply think that IPS must be better than VA, or VA must be better than TN. For example, heavy players of FPS games who value response time can choose the display of TN panel, designers who value visual angle and have certain requirements for color can choose the display of IPS panel, and friends who like to watch some high-contrast and more powerful pictures can choose the display of VA panel.
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