AUO, BOE and INNOLUX, Which IPS Screen is Best?

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Update time : 2022-10-25 18:49:00
IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology is a liquid crystal panel technology introduced by Hitachi in 2001, commonly known as "Super TFT". IPS screen is a technology based on TFT, and its essence is TFT screen. IPS solves the problem of viewing angle by making the apparent length of the molecule the same in all directions.

BOE IPS screen: ADS screen

As a leading enterprise in the global semiconductor display industry, BOE led China's display industry to achieve from scratch, from have to large, from large to strong. At present, more than 1/4 of the displays in the world come from BOE, and its ultra-high definition, flexible and micro display solutions have been widely used in well-known brands at home and abroad.

ADS-IPS screen is a product independently developed by BOE, the world's largest display panel supplier. It is an upgraded version of the IPS panel, which improves the driving mode of LCD, which can achieve higher light transmission efficiency and more accurate color restoration ability under the premise of wide viewing angle. This year, BOE's IPS technology is updated again, and the new technology is called ADS Pro. Its main feature is that it has the advantages of full viewing angle, colorless bias and ultra-high refresh rate. But the current interface specifications may not be able to meet the highest display standards of BOE ADS Pro for the time being.

AUO IPS screen: AHVA screen

AUO is one of the largest panel manufacturers in Taiwan. Having studied the display field for many years, AUO continues to take the lead in its industrial position and display technology. In addition to the consistent clear picture quality, it also has high reliability of high brightness and wide temperature earthquake resistance; it can be used stably for a long time even in strong light or harsh environment. The features of high resolution, high contrast and wide color gamut are suitable for high-level medical panels to achieve accurate diagnosis.
AUO's Fast-IPS panel once beat up the LG and became the first choice for e-sports 's display. But AUO this panel really dare not call Fast-IPS, the official name of the panel is AHVA. Interestingly, AUO is a subsidiary of BenQ, but many of BenQ's own monitors use VA panels. On the IPS panel, AUO has developed rapidly in recent years, and the technological innovation is also very outstanding.

INNOLUX IPS screen: AAS screen
There are many panel factories in Taiwan. In addition to AUO, INNOLUX is also relatively well-known. Its backstage boss is Hon Hai, and its brand name is still very large. INNOLUX has 14 factories in Taiwan and has the most complete generation production line. It is the only one-stop omni-directional display provider with complete large and medium-sized LCD panels and touch panels in the world.
Now many monitors in the Chinese market use INNOLUX panels, INNOLUX IPS panels are officially called AAS, high color gamut, high refresh, high resolution and high response time can be done, and the price is not too expensive, so compared with LG panels, the current AUO and INNOLUX IPS panels are the most active in the display market. INNOLUX products take a wide color range and high brush new way, but the color reduction degree is still poor, so it is no problem to play games.
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