Such Excellent IPS screen From Such An Industrial LCD Supplier

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Update time : 2019-04-23 14:49:01
As you all know, Ips LCD screen is a full-view LCD screen. Its angle of view can reach 178 degrees, which is the most ideal angle. XIANHENG is a professional industrial LCD screen supplier. There are a series of IPS LCD screens. Today we will analyze the advantages of IPS LCD screen.

1. Full Viewing Angle

When Ips LCD screen is viewed frontally and from different angles, the degree of color change becomes the color distortion rate, and the obtained value can hardly be distinguished by the naked eye. It means that the effect of viewing the picture from the front or the side is the same. As a professional industrial LCD screen supplier, xianheng's IPS LCD screens all meet this requirement. Traditional LCD screens, viewed from the side or from a more biased angle, will have blurred images and elegant colors. Ips LCD screen technology perfectly solves this problem. With its unique molecular level conversion structure, it can achieve a wide angle of view of 178 degrees from top to bottom, eliminating the visual "dead corner" perfectly.

2. Full color

The response technology of Ips LCD technology is far beyond the traditional LCD screen, showing a more smooth dynamic picture. Under Ips LCD technology, there is no residual image and color deviation in the dynamic picture. As a professional industrial LCD screen supplier, xianheng's IPS LCD screens also meet this requirement. The difference may not be very obvious in normal mode. Once the rapid screen is played, the difference and effect will be obvious.

3. Not easily damaged

Ips LCD is not easy to be damaged. Traditional LCD is very fragile and easy to be damaged. As long as the traditional display screen is touched lightly with a hand, it will produce watermarks. Ips LCD hard screen extrusion will not produce watermarks, the picture quality is more stable Ips LCD hard screen will not be like the traditional soft screen, scratches easily, has a certain self-protection function. Xianheng, the professional industrial LCD screen supplier can do it!

XIANHENG is a technology company specializing in the production and sale of LCD screens in Shenzhen, the largest electronic city in China. The company mainly provides INNOLUX, AUO, BOE, CSOT and other LCD displays and modules. The main specifications include 8 to 32 inches of industrial LCD products, providing integrated display touch control solutions, making Xianheng an excellent supplier of industrial display touch integrated modules! Products are widely used: industrial control, digital, industrial handheld terminals, smart home, medical equipment terminals, wearing and Internet of Things terminals.
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