Performance Evaluation And Selection Of 17 inch LCD Screen

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Author : AUO LCD supplier
Update time : 2020-08-07 16:00:13
A good 17 inch LCD screen consumes much less energy, the display is clearer, the infrared sensible heat system with almost zero radiation is the best choice, and it is also important for the display to be free of snowflake spots, which can minimize eye damage. 

The next model to recommend is the AUO 17-inch screen, the model is M170ETN01.1. This is a high-definition display with a resolution of 1280 to 1024, a visual angle of 170 degrees and a good viewing experience. The backlight is WLED, and the life span can be up to 30K hours. This screen can be widely used in smart retail, vending machines, unmanned vending machines, intelligent garbage sorting cabinets and so on. 

In addition, choose a good LCD screen to consider its glossiness, heat dissipation system and radiation energy consumption, the above recommended AUO M170ETN01.1, is a leader in the same industry, from all aspects of consideration is very good, but be sure to buy from the regular way to facilitate after-sale and maintenance.

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