5G Network Brings New Development Direction to Outdoor LCD Advertising

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Update time : 2019-12-06 09:52:44
5G is the hottest topic at present, and lcd advertising machine manufacturers have long had the idea of applying 5G in outdoor lcd advertising machines. According to the relevant monitoring data of the domestic advertising industry, the situation of outdoor lcd advertising, including building elevator advertising machine, outdoor advertising machine, subway advertising, etc., is better than traditional media such as television, newspapers, magazines and so on. these advertising products adapted to different scenes have gradually become a new favorite in the 5G era and become an important choice for these advertisers with a keen sense of smell in the media channel.

At present, the advantages of outdoor lcd advertising machines still lie in information release, advertising, interactive applications, and so on. then, with the beginning of the 5G Internet, outdoor lcd advertising machines will begin to be used in many application fields, such as e-commerce, intelligent public transportation, intelligent communities, and so on. To achieve outdoor advertising (outdoor advertising machine), outdoor media communication (intelligent electronic newspaper column), outdoor public information release (intelligent bus stop), touch interactive query (touch outdoor advertising machine), Smart Internet and so on.

The strategy of "Internet +" outdoor lcd advertising machine is another important link in the closed-loop upgrading of outdoor large-screen media. If the former solves the problem of cost estimation for thousands of people so that advertisers' delivery is no longer extensive, then the latter needs to solve problems such as improving user delivery is an important step in refinement.

Under the situation of the continuous advancement of the 5G network, the traditional advertising methods have been unable to meet the needs of advertisers, and more users choose to embrace the new changes, make a new attempt under the background of "Internet +", and carry out omni-directional practice in the direction of the interest of the audience. enjoy the benefits brought by the Internet change, so that brand enterprises have a more sense of achievement and sense of existence.

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