Application and Development Directions of Intelligent LCD Advertising Machines?

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Update time : 2019-12-04 11:07:11
The birth of AI advertising machine originally comes from bus advertising. With the diversification of media and the development of information technology, the development of LCD advertising machine is gradually mature. However, the development of LCD advertising machine is still a bright spot in the future.

In the intelligent era, LCD advertising machine integrates AI face recognition, voice interaction and other advanced AI technology. It gives the advertising machine intelligent interaction, identify perceived audience identification and consumer behavior, identify points of interest, achieve accurate push, advertising due to different audiences and different responses and interactive interpretation of different content. Through background data analysis, AI LCD advertising machine can enhance the strength and depth of brand communication, enhance audience participation and enhance the conversion rate, easily create a herding effect, increase the audience, enhance the ability of information dissemination, and increase the value of advertising machine by 50%. 300%.

In the smart era, the applications of AI LCD advertising machine include:

1. shopping mall fitting mirror.

The 3D somatosensory fitting mirror captures the scene image in real time through the full HD camera on the vertical advertising machine, and combines the somatosensory detection device to overlay the 2D image or 3D model of the clothing on the customer's image. it is conducive to the perfect integration of virtual clothing and the body shape of real customers. It is realized that when the shopper stands in front of the virtual fitting mirror, the device will automatically display the three-dimensional image after trying on the new clothes.

2. transparent kitchen project.

The openness of the kitchen, that is, the bright kitchen, which is a very popular project a few years ago, through wall-mounted advertising machines or vertical advertising machines can allow consumers to experience the cooking process with their own eyes, and what they see is the actual recipes, so as to prevent consumers from ordering dishes solely on recipes that lead to different results than they intended. At the same time, you can choose to carry on the star evaluation to the kitchen chef or the cuisine.

3. Share the advertising machine.

The development of the sharing advertising machine begins with the development of the sharing economy in recent years. the rapid development of the sharing advertising machine lies in that the sharing economy can achieve more convenient advertising release and publicity.

4. self-service order queue.

Users choose dishes to join the shopping cart through the buffet machine, and the settlement is supported by Alipay and WeChat QR code scanning. At the same time, you can choose a membership card for credit card support. After payment, the order number will be queued automatically in the form of a small ticket. After the consumer has paid, the kitchen will place an order automatically. Unified front desk for queuing to call consumers to pick up food. After picking up the meal, the whole self-service ordering system is completed!

XIANHENG, the top China LCD display supplier believes that the application of intelligent LCD advertising machine can also be applied to more industries, such as the current intelligent medical guide screen, which can apply different types of LCD advertising machine through different application scenarios.

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