3 Advantages of Touch All-in-one Application in Banking System

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Update time : 2019-12-03 10:58:02
Touch all-in-one machine is a natural, simple, convenient and practical human-computer interaction device. it integrates multimedia, computer, mechanical manufacturing and other technology. it has a beautiful appearance and adopts streamlined integrated design. Touch all-in-one machines used for automatic withdrawal in banks and other financial fields also include keyboards, magnetic card swipes, passbook registers, miniature printers, fingerprint attendance, and so on. So, what convenience will touch all-in-one bring to the financial field?


1. sensitive touch, fast running speed of the system.

Touch all-in-one computers have infrared touch, and the applications of infrared touch are gesture control and contactless identification, which speeds up the operating system. The running speed of the system is related to the hardware and software. the advanced touch screen makes the operation more convenient, and the infrared touch or capacitive touch can be operated. The touch query system has a high degree of intelligence. it can identify a variety of signal inputs and has a variety of signal output functions. With the infrared touch all-in-one machine, people can not only complete the information query by the operating system, but also use the connection with the peripheral to apply the thermal printer.

2. beautiful appearance, showing the temperament of the bank.

Compared with the vertical 19-inch touch all-in-one machine, the larger vertical touch query all-in-one machine can achieve more functions and reduce human customer service, and people's use of the touch inquiry machine will not affect the normal operation of the business hall. Operationally, it is in line with ergonomic design, regardless of height or age, everyone can get help. Tilted angle coupled with eye protection design, users enjoy the perfect experience. The touch inquiry all-in-one machine has a simple and fashionable shell design, and the bank machine is mainly silver, which is in harmony with the overall design of the bank.

3. update information to meet people's various needs.

The construction of the touch all-in-one system of the banking system can realize the network account inquiry, which can be used when people have deposit, withdrawal or loan needs. When the system is updated through the network, people will be able to grasp the latest financial information and complete business processing. It eliminates the trouble of queuing up at the counter.

There are more applications for the touch all-in-one machine in the banking system. of course, putting aside the ATM or self-service card issuer, it is easy to realize the functions such as simple queuing system, query receipt printing and so on.

The application of touch all-in-one computer helps the banking system to speed up the speed of business processing and simplify the process of business processing.

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