6 Characteristics Of Strip LCD Screen

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Update time : 2020-05-18 14:42:34
Today's commercial advertising operation attaches the most importance to the attention of the audience, the unique shape of the bar LCD screen is different from the general LCD screen, this kind of bar screen is more popular with users. So what are the characteristics of the strip LCD screen?

1. Strip LCD screen has a wide range of applications.

The strip LCD screen has a wide range of applications, including public transportation, subway, airport, shopping center, security monitoring, command and dispatching center, exhibition center display system, multimedia teaching, government units, school studio, video conference system, multi-function exhibition hall, entertainment place, restaurant, publicity display, brand store image display, television station, enterprise exhibition hall and so on.

2. Strip LCD screen has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving and long service life.

The long strip LCD screen adopts imported aluminum substrate, which has high heat absorption and heat dissipation efficiency, thus minimizing the light attenuation of the light-emitting diode lamp. The influence of backlight heat on LCD substrate is minimized to achieve the effect of energy saving, long life, effective energy saving and lighter and thinner product volume.

3. The strip LCD screen has high reliability and good stability.

The strip LCD highlight LCD substrate has been treated with unique technology. Ordinary TV screen has the characteristics of industrial LCD screen, high reliability and good stability, so it is suitable to work in harsh environment.

4. The strip LCD screen has ultra-high dynamic contrast.

The long strip LCD screen has ultra-high dynamic contrast, more saturated and gorgeous color display, more three-dimensional and realistic visual effects, ultra-fast response time, unique black field insertion and backlight scanning technology to enhance the visual performance of dynamic images.

5. The strip LCD screen has excellent wide temperature working characteristics.

The long LCD screen can meet the requirements of fast start and clear image display in the low temperature environment, and can work all-weather at the natural environment temperature, which is very suitable for outdoor display.

6. the best display effect of intelligent control of strip LCD screen.

The high brightness bar LCD screen is equipped with an automatic photosensitive controller, which can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the surrounding environment, so that the screen image can achieve the best visual effect, and can also achieve energy saving and very low aging of product components.
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