BOE Low Blu-ray Display Solution Is Certified By T Ü V Rheinland

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Author : BOE LCD supplier
Update time : 2020-05-21 11:03:11
On May 20th, T Ü V Rheinland Group, a global third-party testing, inspection and certification body, jointly held an online press conference with EyeSafe. As one of the first Eyesafe display standards and T Ü V Method2 certified enterprise, BOE 7 low Blu-ray display solutions have been authoritatively certified to bring people a healthier visual experience. 

In March, EyeSafe teamed up with T Ü V Rheinland to develop Eyesafe standards for low blue light and color performance management with the world's leading ophthalmologists, optometrists and engineers with clinical health and safety research experience. While protecting the user's eyes from harmful blue light, it can also maintain the integrity of the color of the display product. 

Nowadays, working from home and learning are becoming a trend, and people spend more time on display products. Global consumer electronics brands are also actively applying Eyesafe low Blu-ray standards to display products such as monitors, notebook computers, all-in-one machines, televisions and so on.
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