8 Advantages of Capacitive Touch Screens

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What are the advantages of capacitive touch screen

1. Capacitive touch screen only needs touch, not pressure to generate signals. 

2. Capacitive touch screen only needs to be corrected once or at all after production, while resistance technology needs conventional correction. 

3. The life of the capacitance scheme is longer because the components in the capacitive touch screen do not need to be moved. In the resistive touch screen, the upper ITO film needs to be thin enough to be elastic in order to bend downward into contact with the lower ITO film. 

4. Capacitance technology is superior to resistance technology in optical loss and system power consumption. 

5. The choice of capacitance technology or resistance technology mainly depends on the object that touches the screen. If the finger touches the, capacitive touch screen is a better choice. If you need a stylus, whether plastic or metal, the resistance touch screen can be competent. The capacitive touch screen can also use a stylus, but a special stylus is required to match it. 

6. The surface capacitance type can be used for large size touch screen, and the phase ratio is also low, but it can not support gesture recognition: induction capacitance type is mainly used for small and medium size touch screen, and can support gesture recognition. 

7. Capacitive technology has the advantages of wear resistance, long life and low maintenance cost, so the overall operating cost of the manufacturer can be further reduced. 

8. Capacitive touch screen can support multi-touch technology, and unlike the resistive touch screen is slow and not easy to wear.

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