Development of Capacitance Touch Screen Display

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Update time : 2019-11-21 15:17:24
With the rising market position of smartphones and tablets, the, capacitance touch screen display industry has been led to become a sunrise industry, but with more and more enterprises entering the market, the competition in the whole industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the profit margins are constantly being compressed. The touchscreen stock market is even more volatile, but driven by the hot state of the low-end smartphone market, there are still good opportunities in the market in the future.

Touch screen display can allow users to gently touch the icons or text on the computer display screen to achieve host operation, so that get rid of the keyboard and mouse operation, so that human-computer interaction is more straightforward. Mainly used in public places hall information query, leadership office, video games, song ordering, multimedia teaching, air tickets / train tickets pre-sale and so on. Products are mainly divided into capacitance touch screen display, resistive touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen three categories.

Capacitance touch screen display coated the transparent metal layer on the glass plate as a conductor, has a narrow electrode on all sides of the touch screen, and forms a low voltage AC electric field in the conductive body. When the finger touches the metal layer, when a conductive object touches, the capacitance of the contact will be changed, the current emitted by the four electrodes will flow to the contact, and the controller can determine the position information of the touch through the current. Because the capacitance varies with temperature, humidity or grounding, its stability is poor and drift often occurs.

The industrial control touch screen usually uses the resistance screen, but now the touch control product development is powerful, the sensitive capacitance screen completely replaces the resistance screen, capacitance touch screen display will be widely used in the industrial field.

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