Application Of Capacitive Screen Touch All-in-one Machine In Restaurant

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Update time : 2020-03-10 16:58:15
Capacitive screen touch integrated machine is now widely used in the catering industry. As one of the concentrated places of people flow in the city, the restaurant layout and touch all-in-one machine has the foundation of audience. it is a brand-new platform for businesses to implement storefront informatization and carry out new media promotion.

The function of setting up a touch all-in-one machine in a restaurant generally has three points:

First, touching the dynamic picture of machine audio and video can regulate people's mood and depict grace and civilization.

Second, publicize in-store information to customers, such as quotations of various cuisines, promotion of specialty dishes, safety tips, etc.

Third, interactive promotion, touch or sensing technology makes the touch all-in-one machine with query, entertainment and other functions, such as ordering system, QR code downloading coupons, and self-service payment after binding with the mobile phone, which is greatly convenient for customers and saves restaurant manpower.

Catering industry as a service industry, customer experience is an important factor affecting restaurant business, the use of capacitive touch screen all-in-one machine just meets the customer's information needs to be able to play very rich content, including images, text, video and so on.

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