BOE And CSOT Won The Top Two Sales Of Large-sized LCD Panels In The World

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Update time : 2020-03-12 17:05:27
According to the research report of Omdia (formerly IHS), BOE and CSOT won the top two sales of large-size LCD panels in the world for the first time in January this year.

Among them, the share of large-size (more than 9-inch) LCD panel sales in mainland China is 52.9%, while that in South Korea and Taiwan is 24.8% and 21.9%, respectively.

From the sales ranking, in January 2020, BOE and CSOT accounted for 21.3% and 14.5% of the shipping area respectively, ranking the top two among global panel manufacturers in the shipping area of large-sized LCD panels, while CLP Panda and Huike ranked 7th and 8th respectively.

In the field of large-size LCD panels, BOE's shipments jumped to the top in December 2019, while LGD was still at the top of the list in January 2019, while CSOT's shipments in January 2020 jumped to second place for the first time. However, from the large-size LCD panel shipments, in January this year, BOE in the first place, and CSOT in the fifth, the second to fourth are INNOLUX, LGD, AUO.

"CSOT mainly makes large screens," Wu Rongbing explained. The first 10.5 generation of CSOT in Shenzhen was full last year. In November, December and January of this year, the monthly production capacity reached 90, 000 substrates, mainly cutting 65, 75, 85 inches and other super-large panels. A 65-inch screen can be cut into 8 pieces, and a 75-inch screen can be cut into 6 pieces. Therefore, CSOT also ranked second in global LCD TV panel shipments and shipping area in January 2020.

How to prevent and control the epidemic and stabilize production capacity is the biggest challenge for Chinese panel manufacturers. Prior to this, China Finance and Economics exclusively reported that the CSOT Wuhan factory was full of production during the Spring Festival, and the left-behind employees worked hard, resulting in greater physical and psychological pressure. In the context of the epidemic, the whole panel industry is faced with three common problems-shortage of materials, shortage of labor and poor logistics. For the panel factory, the upstream material gap mainly includes polarizer, PCB (printed circuit board) and other related electronic materials, consumables and so on.

At present, with the gradual easing of the epidemic situation in provinces outside Hubei, local governments are also actively guiding enterprises to return to work as soon as possible to speed up the panel industry chain to return to the normal level, and it is expected that the output of panel factories will be significantly improved in March. However, the trend of the spread of the overseas epidemic is accelerating, and it is necessary to guard against and prevent the impact of the industrial chain caused by the epidemic in areas such as Japan and South Korea.
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