Automobile TFT Display Screen in Extreme Temperature Environment

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Update time : 2019-10-12 13:22:33
With the development of artificial intelligence, the content of vehicle display will continue to be rich, so that the specifications of automobile TFT display screen will be enhanced day by day. High precision display quality, high brightness, large size, wide viewing angle, thinning, lightweight, high reliability, low power consumption and so on, so what conditions should be met for tft LCD screen used in automobile by XIANHENG?

While the automobile TFT display screen works normally in the extreme temperature environment, it also needs to be visible and waterproof under ultra-bright sunlight, and the GPU and display screen of the liquid crystal display module will heat up in the course of use. The higher the resolution of the car TFT display, the greater the heat.

Therefore, to find or develop hardware products suitable for use in the vehicle environment, with a set of hardware environment to meet the requirements of vehicle use, is also a test of the technical difficulties of the R & D team. For these reasons, the car TFT display screen is relatively conservative.

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