Benefits Of Protective Film On The Surface Of The LCD Screens

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Update time : 2019-09-09 12:50:39
In life, we all see this phenomenon, in the use of LCD screens (and even over the life of the scrapped LCD screen, the plastic film on the surface of the four corners have long been up, and full of dust, and even pores, wrinkles in the middle of the screen. Has greatly affected the appearance of the LCD and the clarity of the display content, but the user is reluctant to uncover the plastic film. Sometimes I opened it, saw it, and reluctantly glued it to it. Take care of the screen and protect it carefully. This is the usual thinking of users, with this film, it is natural to think of it as a protective film that we spend money to put on our mobile phones and computers.

So is it necessary for, LCD screens to retain the original protective film?

In fact, when, LCD screens leave the factory, the plastic film is more designed to prevent finger touch, dust, oil pollution, etc., from polluting the screen and scratching it during transportation and commissioning. Whether it is a monochromatic LCD screen, liquid crystal display module, TFT color screen, are the same, but when using we are more concerned about the clarity of the display, that layer of plastic film is a certain degree of permeability, but there is no doubt that it will still affect the display effect of the screen.

At the same time, because the protective film of the, LCD screen itself is only to protect the screen before the installation is completed, it cannot be the same as the special protective film in the long run. Usually, after using it for a long time, there will be bubbles, warping, and so on, and, in addition to the mobile phone, Other LCD screens are more used in equipment products and rarely stare, so instead of keeping the protective film that is easy to turn up, it is better to give the device a better display effect.

Therefore, after we put into use at the end of LCD screens installation, we should not hesitate to "ruthless snack" to uncover its protective film, so that the display content is more clear, true and reliable, a normal use of LCD life is not needed such protection.
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