How To Identify The Original Installation Of Industrial LCD Screens

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Update time : 2019-09-11 14:47:53
Industrial LCD screens have so far had a lot of refurbishment and counterfeit products in society. If we use such products, there may be great hidden dangers, which may not be seen so far. But over time, some problems will slowly emerge, so how do we identify whether the LCD is original? How to identify whether there is a quality problem with the LCD?

1. Check to see if the brightness of the screen is appropriate and whether the image is flashing. Generally speaking, if it is the original industrial lcd screen, the brightness will be relatively uniform, and the image will not flicker.

2. Check the frequency of refresh. The original industrial lcd screen splicing screen has 120HZ frequency doubling refresh frequency: DID product 120Hz frequency doubling LCD display technology can effectively solve the phenomenon of trailing and blurring in the process of fast image running, enhance the clarity and contrast of the image, and make the picture more clear. People's eyes don't get tired when they watch for a long time.

3. Take a look at the digital engine function of the LCD splicing screen product. The original industrial lcd screen product has a powerful V12 digital engine function, which can make the image more realistic, stable and bright. The color of the refurbished product image is less conspicuous, and the picture displayed on the screen is not stable.

4. Look at the signal input function, generally speaking, the industrial lcd screen has three signal input formats: single-channel VGA, composite video, single-channel YPbPr format and other signal format input. If the quality is poor, only one or two can be used.

5. A variety of picture display modes, the original industrial lcd screen functions are diverse, with a variety of picture combination splicing mode, the maximum can be extended to 64 way combination splicing, each unit can be arbitrarily switched and combined. There are much fewer display modes for fake products.

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