Comparison of 3 Different Models of BOE 18.5-inch LCD Screen

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Update time : 2022-04-21 18:00:27

There are 3 outstanding models of BOE's popular 18.5 inch LCD screen, namely the DV185WHM-NM1, QV185FHB-N81 and MV185WHB-N20, of which the MV185WHB-N20 is available in both normal and high brightness versions. So what's the difference among them?

Comparison of 3 Different Models of BOE 18.5-inch LCD Screen

The differences between DV185WHM-NM1 QV185FHB-N81 and MV185WHB-N20 are as follows:

differences between DV185WHM-NM1 QV185FHB-N81 and MV185WHB-N20

As shown in the table above, first of all, we can see that, as the same BOE 18.5 inch wide screen at 16:9, the resolution of QV185FHB-N81 is different from the other two models, it's full high resolution 1920*1080, and its display performance is better. DV185WHM-NM1 and MV185WHB-N20 are both 1366*768, which is in line with the current mainstream.

Second, DV185WHM-NM1 is more used for digital signage, QV185FHB-N81 can be used for industrial equipment or computer display screens, and MV185WHB-N20 is usually used for computer display terminals. High-brightness version of MV185WHB-N20 can be used outdoor advertising displays, outdoor parking self-service code scanner and so on.

In addition, the LVDS (low voltage differential signal) is different, so the corresponding wire accessories are also slightly different.

Finally, to talk about what these three have in common, the display mode of the three is ADS or HADS, and they are all members of the IPS technology family, so the visual angle is the full perspective. Also as a module, WLED backlight is used. All three do not include touch, but all support custom resistive or capacitive touchscreen. The contrast reaches 1000:1, and the color of the picture is relatively stricter and the definition is higher.

Through the above comparison, do you know more about these three models? The above is the information support provided by XIANHENG TECH to customers. We hope it will help you make a better choice on LCD models.

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