Market Prospect of Outdoor LCD Advertising Machine

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Author : China outdoor LCD advertising screen supplier
Update time : 2022-05-25 20:27:57
The outdoor LCD advertising machine uses LCD monitors to play video advertisements, which is especially suitable for the comprehensive multimedia technology of high-end brands to deliver a full range of product information and promotional information to consumers. Different from newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media, LCD advertising machine has a wide range of applications and remarkable effects.
Outdoor LCD advertising machines have been widely used in communities, shopping malls, hospitals, bus stations, high-speed toll collection, campuses, and other fields. Its audience target is a special group - moving people
The uniqueness of LCD Advertising Machine.
One: a wide audience
The huge mobile crowd is the biggest advantage of the LCD advertising machine audience. This feature makes the LCD advertising machine have a broad living space, which just makes the LCD advertising system dominate. How high its potential commercial value is, I believe everyone has it in mind. There are numbers.
Second: Monopoly Communication
Under the background of "interactive communication", monopolistic communication and passive reception are defects in the field of communication, but now in the special media communication of outdoor LCD advertising machine, "passive reception" has become a big advantage. . Audiences can choose when and what to watch, and change channels at any time, which is not ideal for advertising communication. The special media communication of LCD advertising machine, because of its uniqueness and compulsion, makes "monopoly" a big advantage.
Third: internal accessibility
The outdoor LCD advertising information release system is prepared and constructed by enterprises and merchants. The audience does not need to increase personal investment and consumption costs, but only needs to pay "attention" resources, which is easy for the public to accept. Aiming at this point, the popularization of LCD advertising is a kind of business that can both profit and have the nature of social welfare.
Fourth: maximize the use of information
How to make the existing information serve the broadest population and generate the greatest economic and social benefits has always been the concern and thinking of the media. The use of information by traditional TV media is far from exerting its due value. On the contrary, the emergence of new outdoor LCD advertising machines can maximize the utilization of information and maximize its value.
Fifth: cost-effective
Advertisers need the most cost-effective advertisements to deliver their product or brand information to the most target consumers. Outdoor LCD advertising machines can be said to provide advertisers with a brand-new and value-for-money choice.
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