Differences Between LCD Screen and OLED Screen

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Update time : 2020-07-10 11:42:51
LCD screen and OLED screen are popular tags for mobile phones, computers and other products nowadays, but it is estimated that many people cannot answer the difference between these two screens. In fact, there are many differences between the two screens. In the application scene, there is not only overlap, but also their own expertise, at this stage, no one can replace the other side. What's the difference between LCD and OLED?

LCD and OLED, have their own advantages.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is what we originally called liquid crystal display (LCD), its appearance makes the big-ass (CRT picture tube) screen gradually eliminated, retired from the stage of history.

The full name of OLED is organic light-emitting diode (OrganicLight-Emitting Diode), is also known as electromechanical laser display. It can be inferred from the name that it is self-luminous, unlike LCD screens that require extra light, which is the main difference between OLED and LCD.

Due to different technologies, traditional lcd screens have some shortcomings compared with emerging oled screens in some aspects:

1. High power consumption.

2. Visual angle limitation (distortion occurs when viewing the screen at a large angle).

3. Low contrast.

Of course, there are advantages. Lcd technology takes a long time to develop, is more mature, and will not be easily eliminated by oled:

1. Low price.

2. Not easy to damage.

3. No screen flash, more eye protection.

At present, oled screens are mainly used in high-end mobile phones, tablets and other products of various brands, while televisions, medium-and low-end mobile phones and tablets of various brands are still equipped with a large number of lcd screens.

Due to the high production cost and the lack of stability, it is difficult for the oled screen to completely replace the lcd screen in a short time, which also gives the latter time and space to continue to develop and improve.

Especially in the field of super-large intelligent display, lcd screen is still the most cost-effective choice.
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