How To Clean The LCD Screens

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Author : LCD display screens supplier
Update time : 2019-12-27 19:12:21
Whether it is a computer display screen or a TV screen, after they have used it for a period of time, the screen will be covered with a lot of dust because of static electricity. Although this does not have much impact on the use, if the dust is too thick, it still needs a good wipe. So, how to clean the LCD screens?

1. First, gently wipe the LCD screen with a soft cloth (similar to a soft cloth for wiping glasses). If there is no soft cloth, try not to use a hard dishcloth.

2, when wiping the LCD screen, the strength must be small, not too hard, so as not to scratch the screen.

3. As long as it is ordinary dust, the preliminary cleaning of dust can be completed with paper towels or soft rags.

4. If there is a lot of dust and stubbornness, you need to use a special LCD screen cleaner at this time.

5. Drop a few drops of professional detergent on a soft cloth or paper towel, and then gently wipe it in a stubborn position on the LCD screen panel.

6, pay attention to in the process of wiping, try to wipe in the same direction, do not make a circle, and do not wipe to the left and right for a while, so that the LCD screen will be bright.

7. Do not wipe the dust on the LCD screen panel with your bare hands, because the palms generally have grease secreted by the human body. after wiping, they often leave traces, and if the fingernails are too long, they will scratch the LCD screen.
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