Practical Differences Between LCD Advertising Machine And Light Box Billboard

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Update time : 2019-12-31 15:31:59
In the past, media advertising companies generally choose traditional light box advertising as the main choice, using its light box panel to make tumbling and rotating light box or further deepening the planning 3D to show the effect picture. However, since the digital signage mall is getting bigger and bigger, and the popularity of LCD advertising machines in China seems to rise with the rise of Shuigao ships, there is a tendency to replace traditional light box advertising.

1. The brightness is different.

The brightness of the traditional light box advertising is difficult to meet the needs of consumers, but the advertising machine is different, the highlight situation makes it a watershed with the traditional light box advertising.

2. The appearance is different.

In public places, the outer frame material of LCD advertising machine chooses non-incineration materials such as sheet metal, which greatly increases the safety.

3. Different positioning.

There is a significant difference in the commodity positioning of the LCD advertising machine because of the different components selected so it is far better than the traditional light box advertising in terms of performance and safety.

4. Ease of operation.

The network version of LCD advertising machine can display text, image, time, weather forecast and other contents. It only needs to establish a network connection in the background, and it can be handled by the client when no one is at the scene. The purpose of humanized operation can still be effectively carried out without leaving the house, which greatly improves the security and reliability of the advertising machine.

5. The architecture is the same as that of different systems.

The wall-mounted advertising machine has new skills, a variety of applications and simple operation, which has more advantages than the traditional light box.

The advantages of LCD advertising screen: since the beginning of the advertising machine, the language of the entertainment industry has relied on the continuous change of its own picture broadcasting, and its advertising coverage has become wider and wider, making businesses with low investment and high income. The advantage of increasing environmental protection and reducing the waste of paper is deeply loved by business users, turning static advertising into video advertising, subtitle advertising, picture advertising, and sound advertising, making people feel more visually and acoustically. It is easier to understand the understanding, and it can help those who are no longer bothered by the high cost of inkjet painting and the inconvenience of often replacing content.
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