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How To Improve The Efficiency Of LCD Module Assembly?
How to improve the efficiency of LCD module assembly? The correct assembly method of LCD module is as follows:
How to improve the efficiency of LCD module assembly? The correct assembly method of LCD module is as follows:

The tools assembled by the LCD module are mainly hammers and spanners, which are used to twist the frame feet. The order of assembly operation is to first put all the tools and raw materials on the workbench in an orderly manner. Secondly, the shell is correctly placed on the workbench according to the process card instructions, and if there is any assembly tooling, put it on the tooling as required, and pay attention to the correct direction of the shell. Next, remove the protective film of the LCD screen, wipe the electrode clean with clean paper, confirm the direction, and put it into the shell correctly according to the instructions of the process card. Remove the circuit board, if you want to add a backlight, first fix the backlight on the PCB board. According to the instructions of the process card, align the circuit board with the frame position, load the shell to press the zebra stripe, and use a special assembly tool to fix the shell and the circuit board. Pay attention to twist the frame foot at an angle of 45°, do not gnaw the plate and break the wire, so that the frame is in parallel contact with the PCB board. Finally, the assembled finished product is removed from the workbench, pasted with protective film and placed on the turntable. Pay attention to make the screen opposite to the screen and the board opposite to the board so as not to cause scratches. After the product is assembled and handed over to the inspector for inspection, it will be reassembled if it is unqualified.

The purpose of LCD module assembly is to make the screen correspond to each electrode of the circuit board one by one, so that it can complete the coordination of electrical performance. However, because the screen is not in direct contact with the circuit board, and through the conductive adhesive strip as the medium, the screen and the board can not correspond visually, so that the corresponding electrodes can not correspond to each other, resulting in dislocation. The corresponding electrode connection between the screen and the circuit board in the assembly process is called counterpoint. In the assembly, the correspondence between the lcd screen and the board is realized mainly through the alignment of the lcd screen and the board and the shell and the board. As an intermediate medium and the corresponding standard of screen and shell, shell plays an important role in alignment. The main alignment methods are edge alignment, pinhole alignment and middle alignment.

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