How To Maintain Computer LCD Display Screens

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The computer screen is usually a lcd screen, so do you know how to maintain the computer lcd display screens? Let's listen to what lcd display manufacturers do.
Maintenance of computer lcd display screen

Computer LCD display screen will become contaminated with a lot of dust after using for a period of time, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the face of the laptop, as a user needs to wash its face regularly, but this washing is fastidious.

I. soft cloth + clear water.

At this time, there is often only some dust on the computer LCD screen, so it is easier to clean. You just need to use a wet soft cloth to gently wipe the dust off the surface of the computer LCD display screen, pay attention to this cloth is not too rough, otherwise it will make the screen scarred. In addition, the soft cloth must be wrung dry, because water is the natural enemy of LCD. After cleaning, dry the wet marks.

II. Special detergent.

When your LCD screen is full of fingerprints and splashes of oil from eating, you need to use some special LCD cleaner. You can basically buy it in notebook stores or in electronic markets in some big cities. Remember not to use unknown detergents and solvents such as alcohol, which may contain some corrosive chemicals.

The price of special detergent is relatively high, and the capacity is relatively small. However, since so many silver notebooks have been bought, do not care about these 120, otherwise because of the use of shoddy detergent to wipe out the problem of the computer LCD screen, it will not be 120 can solve the problem.

Tips: in the process of rubbing, always follow a direction, do not draw a circle.

LCD display screen is the face of notebook, users have to face it most of the time, so protecting LCD is a very noteworthy problem. If you want your laptop to still have a beautiful face after using it for a while, be nice to it.
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