4 Possible Misperceptions Of LCD Display Screens

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There are a lot of things we need to know about the lcd displays, so today let's correct people's four misconceptions about the lcd display screens.

I. the life of lcd display screens is 100000 hours.

The technical material issued by the led material manufacturer shows that the life of the lcd luminous body is 100000 hours in the case of ambition. Ambition refers to the time from luminescence to non-luminescence of lcd luminous body under the condition of constant pressure and constant current in the laboratory, 100000 hours is equivalent to 11 years. The amount of water in a bucket is determined by the lowest board. The lcd display screens now use other equipment, such as the people, with a life span of no more than 8 years. As the function of the display screen is to watch, when the display screen can only be seen clearly at night, it can not be explained that it is qualified and has practical value. A car can drive for 15 years. If it is idle for three years, it will be null and void. The environment and methods used have a great impact on the life of the product.

II. Lcd display screens follow the national standard.

The general standard of lcd display screens is the standard issued by the Ministry in 1995. So far, many companies claim to meet national standards, eight years after the launch of technology and then look at the standards, is no longer the standard. For example, the out-of-control point, the national standard is 3/10000, take φ 3.75 indoor double primary color display screen as an example. Generally do 640x480 standard resolution display screen for 7 square meters, each square meter is 43264 points, according to the national standard can have 90 out of control points. Who pays for such a display today?

III. Lcd display screen software is free of charge.

The display industry has a common problem with Chinese enterprises-only production, not research and development. Now only a small number of enterprises have genuine software. It is now illegal to use piracy.

IV. The price of lcd display screens is low.

It depends on the ratio of performance to price, not just the price. As the grayscale of double primary color and full color display screen, grayscale level is an important index. Now the market is full of 16 grayscale and 64 grayscale display fake 256 grayscale. Its control cost is only 1 of 256 grayscale controls. The simplest way is to play a more intense sports scene of the VCD to check whether the lcd screen can see clearly.

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