What Is The Liquid Crystal Purity Of The LCD Display Screen?

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What is the liquid crystal purity of lcd display screen? The liquid crystal purity of the LCD display screen, which is indicated as an auxiliary to the color depicted by the main wavelength, as a percentage, It is defined as the percentage of the chromaticity coordinate linear distance between the chromaticity coordinate and the E light source and the spectral track chromaticity coordinate distance from the E light source to the main wavelength of the part to be measured, the higher the purity, The closer the chromaticity coordinate of the object to be measured is to the spectral color of the main wavelength, the higher the purity is, the more suitable it is to describe its color characteristics by the main wavelength. LCD is an example.

LCD industrial screen utility model stage: LCD industrial screen with environmental protection, high brightness, high clarity, high reliability and other characteristics gradually highlight the characteristics of LCD display screen, while in the previous stage, the LCD industrial screen market only met the needs of people. However, in the LCD industrial screen products can not meet the requirements, the quality is not up to standard. With the development of LCD industrial screen, now LCD products have a new break. At least higher than the previous stage. It has also developed a series of products that are completely different from the use of traditional light sources. The LCD industrial screen will present a larger and wider space for development.

LCD industrial screen intelligent control stage: with the continuous improvement and development of LCD display screen skills, LCD, as a semiconductor industry, will also take this high-speed train to play its highly controllable characteristics.

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