How To Prevent A Dead Pixel On LCD Monitors

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Update time : 2019-04-17 16:52:21
How to prevent the dead pixels on LCD monitors? First, we need to understand how the dead pixels come about.

The disadvantage is that the LCD screen can not be 100% avoided in the production and use of a physical damage, in most cases, it is produced when the screen is manufactured, in the use of impact or natural wear and tear may also lead to bright/dead pixels. As long as one or more of the three primary colors that make up a single pixel are damaged, bright/dead pixels will occur, and production and use may cause damage.

Some LCD dead pixels may be caused by the use of the process, we will briefly list some common use of the precautions:

1. Maintain normal voltage and power.

2. LCD monitor is one of the most vulnerable parts of TV. Do not use sharp objects such as pens and keys to "point" on the screen.

3. It is necessary to minimize the possibility of direct exposure of the screen under strong light, in order to prevent the screen from being irradiated by strong light, resulting in excessive temperature and accelerating aging.

These are just a few small ways to check the LCD monitors. There are many ways to identify LCD panels. We have better ways to update them. We will tell you at the first time. Again, I want to remind you that when you buy LCD TV, you must make good with the manufacturer so that your rights and interests will not be damaged. Say so much or hope you can buy a really good flat-panel TV.
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