What Parts Of Advertising LCD Screen Can Be Customized?

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Update time : 2019-04-16 15:00:57
Recently, a client came to consult: if I buy an advertising LCD screen, can I print the company LOGO in the blank at the bottom of the advertising LCD screen? Because at the same time, we can also carry out brand publicity to enhance potential consumers from product stream of consciousness to brand stream of consciousness. In this way, users can remember our brand after replacing the product advertisement in the later stage. So what parts of advertising LCD screen can be customized?

What Parts Of Advertising LCD Screen Can Be Customized

1.Personalization of Play Content

People are usually more likely to focus on something different. Therefore, information design needs to be unique and sensory stimulation in order to let the audience find and remember. It should be noted that the content needs to be prioritized, otherwise, if every information point is designed in this way, the final result is that the most important information will be flooded and diluted.

2. Touchable Advertising LCD Screen

The price of touch advertisement machine is higher than that of ordinary advertisement machine, such as non-special demand or mass purchase demand. We think that touch advertisement machine is not absolutely necessary to purchase to some extent.

3. Customization of Product Appearance

The appearance of advertising LCD screen can be customized according to customers'needs. Customers can customize different advertisement machines according to the needs of different places. However, it is worth noting that customized products are generally not recommended for customized products due to their relatively long delivery time and relatively high price. Generally speaking, customers can customize their own brand LOGO. Advertising machine manufacturers can do built-in silk printing or external brushing LOGO according to customers'needs, so that you can show the brand power brought by LCD advertising machine in a subtle way.

Multimedia advertising LCD screen machine is gradually replacing traditional forms of advertising, becoming the first choice for many businesses to put advertisements. Xianheng's advertising LCD screen supports high-definition picture display effect and has perfect advertising broadcast function. Besides, Xianheng also customizes personalized programs and products according to customers'needs.
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