How to Solve the Blurry Image on an LCD?

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Author : China LCD manufacturer
Update time : 2022-09-27 17:10:23
How to solve the blurry image on an LCD? Some people may not understand this problem. Here is a brief introduction to the reasons and solutions for solving the blurry image on an LCD.
The cause and treatment of the color deviation of LCD:
At the beginning of the boot, the whole screen is red (some color displays will have a scan line), but it will be normal in the blink of an eye; the screen will occasionally turn red in the course of use, but it will also be normal in the blink of an eye; the whole screen is white and has a heavy retrace line and immediately turns it off protectively (or black screen and can no longer power on).
Reasons and treatment:
The problem of color deviation is likely to be caused by the picture tube. For irregular color deviation, it can be solved by repairing and welding the visual discharge power supply resistance and peripheral components of the relevant electron gun. For the fault phenomenon caused by the power supply resistive open circuit damage, like the touch pole, it is swept back to the full screen and a certain color is extremely bright, but it will not lead to protective shutdown, and the solution is very simple-just replace the new resistance with the same resistance value. Of course, if the resistance value becomes larger, it should also be replaced.
In the wet season, we also have to take into account the picture tube seat tube oxidation, although the resulting color bias failure is not much, may be due to the poor quality of the design or components.
In addition, there is another reason why it is easier for people to take detours-too much dust on the screen causes the screen to turn red when it is white. This kind of fault mostly occurs in the display with warmer color temperature (many monitors can set the color temperature by themselves), so when you encounter a white (and similar color) red fault, it is best to clean the display screen first and then carry out other checks. If the fault disappears, it means you won't take a "bad luck" detour.
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