INNOLUX Has Become Gou's Second Trump Card Besides Foxconn

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Update time : 2020-05-31 17:02:42
As a high-tech group specializing in 3C products and semiconductor equipment, Foxconn has become the world's largest professional electronics manufacturer, with revenue of 408.698 billion yuan in 2019, and it has also become Terry Gou's biggest trump card. But Foxconn is not the only trump card in Mr Gou's hands. INNOLUX Optoelectronics is the second trump card in the hands of Terry Gou. 

It took Gou only more than a decade to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year by selling screens, making him the second largest in the world. According to the global TV panel research report released by a research institution at the beginning of the year, the total global LCD e-commerce panel shipments reached 283 million in 2019, of which INNOLUX Optoelectronics ranked second in the world, second only to BOE. 

Of course, the huge shipping volume has also brought good revenue performance for INNOLUX Optoelectronics. According to relevant data released by INNOLUX Optoelectronics, the combined revenue of INNOLUX Optoelectronics reached 252 billion New Taiwan dollars (58.3 billion yuan) in 2019. Obviously, INNOLUX Optoelectronics has become another "gold-absorbing" weapon for Gou. 

According to public information, INNOLUX Optoelectronics was established in 2003, the main business is LCD panels. After more than ten years of intensive cultivation, INNOLUX Optoelectronics has become the only omni-directional display supplier with complete large and medium-sized LCD panels and touch panels in the world, as well as a giant in the field of display panels. 

As we all know, Samsung, LGD and other Japanese and South Korean enterprises have long played the role of leaders in the panel field, occupying most of the market share. However, INNOLUX Optoelectronics has come from behind in this field and has become one of the rivals that can not be ignored by Japanese and South Korean enterprises. From the author's point of view, the achievement of INNOLUX Optoelectronics is largely due to Foxconn. 

At the beginning of the establishment of INNOLUX Optoelectronics, Foxconn is already a world-renowned contract manufacturing enterprise. And INNOLUX Optoelectronics, which relies on Foxconn, has also made good development, successfully listing in only 3 years. Of course, in addition to relying on Foxconn, the merger with Chi Mei Electronics and Tongbao Optoelectronics in 2010 has also enhanced the industry strength of INNOLUX Optoelectronics. 

It is understood that affected by the downward global market, Chi Mei Electronics once hovered on the brink of bankruptcy, and INNOLUX Optoelectronics merged with it under such circumstances, although this merger has gone through decades, but the scale of INNOLUX Optoelectronics has also been expanded, at the same time, its technology has also been greatly improved, and it has successfully created the world's first 3D LCD TV. 

Thanks to this, INNOLUX Optoelectronics has entered the fast lane of development. Since then, INNOLUX Optoelectronics continues to innovate in technology and increase investment in research and development, which leads to today's achievements. Considering the fierce competition in the panel industry, do you think INNOLUX Optoelectronics can continue to maintain its advantage?

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