Innovative application of outdoor LCD display in advertising

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Update time : 2018-09-23 14:36:03
  With the development of the times and the advancement of social technology, digital outdoor advertising has gradually become a new mainstream. Modern outdoor advertising pays more attention to the innovation of content, technology, and mutual experience. The application of outdoor LCD display on advertising machine brings a new experience to users. Mobile payment related ancillary areas of application in the perfect display screen, outdoor media will ultimately achieve the function of guiding sales, thus driving the consumption of products.


First, dynamic and interactive content

The real benefit of an outdoor display is that it is a form of creative expression through dynamic content that the audience can experience and interact with instantly. Advertising machines use outdoor LCD screens to display their ads at the front end and use dynamic media advertising to enhance interaction with consumers, encouraging consumers to participate in brand information interaction, which is usually the most acceptable way for consumers. With the popularity of outdoor display advertising, quality improvement, dynamic content and the introduction of interactive media advertising is also an opportunity for innovation.

Second, flexible scheduling

The outdoor LCD display on the advertising machine is flexible in playing time and length. Unlike traditional outdoor advertising, which has a fixed delivery cycle, outdoor LCD applications can start and end at any time. It does not require technicians to change the screens or even use wireless technology to allow users to upload and arrange content remotely.

Third, low pollution

The use of outdoor LCD screens to display advertisements can best reflect its value, which is low pollution. Since 2009, outdoor screens have been researched and developed, and technology has been used to minimize radiation. At present, the display brightness of outdoor display advertisement machine can be adjusted automatically, and will not cause visual pollution. Nowadays, a large number of advertisements are put into the country but do not pay attention to attracting eyeballs or causing visual pollution. A lot of advertising will only cause pollution. With this in mind, products can be manufactured and designed entirely in accordance with different delivery sites, providing different solutions to ensure that the most impressive, never polluting.

Forth, wide application

Outdoor LCD display is not only applied to advertising machines, but its application is very extensive. Mainly used in commercial streets, squares, museums, parks, schools, subway, airports, railway stations, bus stations, industrial parks, and other high-value commercial areas, involving many aspects, any suitable place for outdoor advertising can be applied. Because the technology is leading, the picture is clearer and more vivid also makes people more impressive, deepening the effect of advertising, indirectly improving the effectiveness of advertising.  
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