The working principle of LCD display

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Update time : 2018-09-23 14:10:32
LCD has been used more and more widely in our life. Mobile phones, flat panel, TV, smart home, commercial advertising, medical equipment and so on are indispensable to these terminals. And how does LCD display, you know? Today, let's show you the principles of LCD screen with you briefly.

LCD liquid crystal display is composed of two parallel thin glass panels, the distance between the two glass panels is very small, filled with the liquid crystal is divided into very small units. The LCD panel itself does not emit light, and the backlight allows the liquid crystal molecules to selectively transmit light through different electrical signals. At this point, what you see in front of the LCD panel is a variety of different colors, which is the LCD display.

The Lcd LCD screen is working, and a mapping between the LCD screen and the memory must be established. The mapping is accomplished by initializing the LCD controller on the CPU. The advantages of LCD are small size, light weight, large display area, stable picture, no radiation, low energy consumption and environmental protection.

The above is the basic introduction of the principle of LCD screen, I hope to help you understand LCD screen to a certain extent, choose LCD screen must not miss Shenzhen Xianheng technology, a professional LCD module manufacturer.
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