Notices for Outdoor LCD Display From China LCD Module Supplier

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Update time : 2019-05-23 09:02:55
We all know that the large outdoor LCD display is very troublesome in maintenance, but as long as we carefully sum up the cleaning skills, the maintenance of outdoor LCD display will become very easy. General users should use cotton cloth to clean the outdoor LCD screen with water, do not use any detergent, otherwise the shell will lose its unique luster when it is manufactured. As a professional LCD module supplier in China, Xianheng is here today to tell you what needs attention in outdoor LCD screens.

1. Outdoor lcd display: Treatment of protective film

A protective film is affixed on the surface of the finished module to prevent staining the display surface during assembly. Therefore, it should not be uncovered before the end of assembly to avoid staining or damage the outdoor lcd display surface.

2. Outdoor lcd display: Padding

It is better to add a pad of about 0.1mm between the module and the front lcd panel. The lcd panel should also be kept flat to avoid distortion after assembly.

3. Outdoor lcd display: Strictly prevent static electricity

The control and drive circuit in the module is a CMOS circuit with low voltage and low power consumption. It is easy to be broken down by static electricity. Static electricity breakdown is an irreparable damage. We must pay attention to it, not carelessly. Therefore, in the operation, assembly and use should be extremely careful, to strictly prevent static electricity.

4. Outdoor lcd display: Attentions in Assembly Operation

The LCD module is carefully designed and assembled. Do not process or trim it at will. The installation holes must be grounded to prevent electromagnetic interference and external noise.

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