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Revolutionizing Industries: Unveiling the BOE 10.1-inch LCD Screen EV101WXM-N10
Explore BOE's revolutionary 10.1" LCD Screen EV101WXM-N10. XIANHENG TECH, a leader in LCD solutions, delivers cutting-edge displays for diverse industries. Discover superior technology redefining user experience. Inquire now for advanced LCD solutions.
In the era of rapid technological advancement, the role of LCD screens as crucial components for information display in the industrial sector is increasingly vital. Among them, the BOE 10.1-inch LCD Screen EV101WXM-N10 has captured attention with its outstanding specifications and widespread applications in the industrial domain. As a supplier with over 10 years of professional experience in the LCD display field, XIANHENG TECH deeply understands industry demands and is committed to providing exceptional LCD display solutions to its clients.

Revolutionizing Industries: Unveiling the BOE 10.1-inch LCD Screen EV101WXM-N10

Specifications show Excellence

Resolution: 1280x800

The BOE 10.1-inch LCD Screen EV101WXM-N10 boasts a high resolution of 1280x800, presenting clear and detailed images for precise industrial applications.

Brightness: 350 cd/m²

With a brightness of up to 350 cd/m², this LCD screen excels in various lighting conditions, ensuring a clear and visible display for users.

Contrast Ratio: 800:1

The 800:1 contrast ratio ensures natural color transitions between black and white, providing images with enhanced depth.

Viewing Angle: 70/70/50/70 (Left/Right/Up/Down)

Featuring a wide viewing angle range, users can obtain clear information from different perspectives, enhancing usability in complex industrial environments.

Display Colors: 16.2M

A palette of 16.2 million colors makes images more realistic and details more vivid, offering an immersive viewing experience.

Revolutionizing Industries: Unveiling the BOE 10.1-inch LCD Screen EV101WXM-N10

Response Time: 30 ms

The 30-millisecond response time ensures smooth transitions on the screen, which is crucial for real-time applications in industries like industrial control.

Backlight Type: LED

The LED backlight technology not only improves energy efficiency but also extends the screen's lifespan, providing a reliable light source for industrial applications.

Interface Type: eDP

Utilizing the eDP interface enhances data transmission speed, ensuring stable and reliable image transfer in demanding industrial environments.
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C

The extreme operating temperature range allows the BOE EV101WXM-N10 to adapt to harsh environments, guaranteeing stable operation in industrial applications.

Revolutionizing Industries: Unveiling the BOE 10.1-inch LCD Screen EV101WXM-N10

Wide-ranging Applications

2.1 Smart Home

With the booming smart home market, the BOE 10.1-inch LCD Screen EV101WXM-N10 becomes the ideal choice for smart control panels, locks, and appliances. XIANHENG TECH's LCD display solutions empower smart homes with clear and intuitive user interfaces, providing users with a new level of intelligent experience.

XIANHENG TECH leads the way in smart home LCD solutions.

2.2 Industrial Control

In industrial control systems, stringent requirements exist for display devices. The high brightness, contrast, and wide viewing angles of BOE EV101WXM-N10 make it the ideal choice for industrial control applications. XIANHENG TECH's professional solutions ensure clear visibility on screens in various industrial environments, aiding operators in precise control.

Experience unmatched industrial control with XIANHENG TECH's advanced LCD technology.

2.3 Medical Devices

Medical devices demand high-quality displays with precise images and user-friendly interfaces. BOE EV101WXM-N10 meets these requirements with its high resolution and brightness, while XIANHENG TECH's LCD display solutions ensure reliability and stability in the medical field.

Elevate medical equipment displays with XIANHENG TECH's reliable and stable LCD solutions.

2.4 Automotive Navigation

In automotive navigation systems, the BOE EV101WXM-N10's rich colors and wide viewing angles provide drivers with more realistic and detailed navigation information. XIANHENG TECH is dedicated to providing innovative LCD display solutions for the automotive industry, offering drivers a safer and more convenient driving experience.

Enhance your driving experience with XIANHENG TECH's cutting-edge automotive LCD displays.

XIANHENG TECH: Navigating the Future of LCD Displays

As a leading supplier of LCD display solutions, XIANHENG TECH leverages over a decade of experience and a professional team to provide customized, high-quality LCD display solutions for its clients. Whether for smart homes, industrial control, medical devices, or automotive navigation needs, XIANHENG TECH's products and services meet the highest standards.

XIANHENG TECH's LCD display solutions not only innovate technically but also prioritize user experience. Through deep collaboration with clients, we understand unique requirements and deliver the most suitable solutions, helping clients maintain a leading position in the market.


The BOE 10.1-inch LCD Screen EV101WXM-N10, with its exceptional specifications and diverse industrial applications, has become the preferred choice in the industrial sector. Whether in smart homes, industrial control, medical devices, or automotive navigation, it delivers outstanding display performance and a superior user experience, contributing to the development of various industries. As a leader in LCD display solutions, XIANHENG TECH will continue to lead the revolution in LCD displays, providing customers with more advanced and innovative solutions. If you are interested in the BOE 10.1-inch LCD Screen EV101WXM-N10 or LCD display solutions, feel free to contact XIANHENG TECH for professional and efficient service.

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