Samsung plans to close a 5 generation line NB panel this year

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Update time : 2017-07-19 15:59:20
Samsung last year shut down a 7 generation TFT production line, this year there is a 5 generation line will be closed on August, along with Samsung slowly fade out of NB panel production, SHARP in the IGZO oxide yield as expected, and China panel factory in IPS yield should be improved, market research firm IHSMarkit noted that this year the overall supply of NB panel although there is no danger, but the pen electric panel IPS will have shortages, will also slow the decline of NB panel.

IHS pointed out that Samsung L6 closed the five generation line biggest influence is Apple, while the Apple second supplier SHARP Samsung is expected to replace the position, but the market was in the SHARP IGZO oxide production yield can not meet Apple expectations, and then the cost reduction plan, Apple will be like the other panel factory production can consult the Retina resolution panel, IHS expected, Apple to avoid the shortage occurs, will increase the stock, to prevent the occurrence of next year only a SHARP notebook computer supplier situation.

Although Samsung TFT notebook market and gradually fade out, but the BOE Chinese panel manufacturers in the new production capacity continues to open, increase of TN notebook panel supply, notebook panel prices also led to lower TN, in order to increase the added value of products, many factory capacity will be transferred to the IPS positive panel panel, IHS pointed out that IPS process will consume 20% more capacity, at the same time China panel factory in IPS quality still needs to progress, which will make the IPS pen electric panel more price support.

Compared with the IPS pen electric panel TV panel demand is tight, in new capacity more than expected, the second quarter size supply turned loose, another market research agency TrendForce photoelectric research (WitsView) pointed out that the second quarter of the BOE 8.5 generation production line of Fuqing new factory to join, this year total investment capacity of large size panel area 218 million 300 thousand square meters, annual increase of up to 5.8%, 0.3 percentage points higher than the original estimate, due to continuous release of new capacity, from the supply side, the supply pressure of more than third season four.
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