Screen Manufacturers Help Display Terminals into The 5G Era

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Author : China LCD screen manufacturer
Update time : 2019-06-19 17:43:53
Recently, Xiaomi and OPPO, two Chinese smartphone brands, competed to release product videos of their own off-screen camera technology, and smartphones finally had the opportunity to bid farewell to special-shaped screens and mechanical structures and usher in the ultimate solution of full screen. 

From the bangs screen, drip screen, panoramic screen and other comprehensive screen form is not difficult to see, the upstream screen manufacturer is the key to the realization of a true comprehensive screen. The off-screen camera technology scheme is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in comprehensive screen technology, and is likely to become more and more popular in flagship models. 

In the first half of 2019, the competition in the smartphone market is becoming more and more fierce, and the innovation of screen technology has become an important driving force for the value growth of the mobile phone industry chain. Screen manufacturers are leading the innovation of terminals with the continuous innovation of flexible AMOLED technology. The previous release of the "new species", the flexible screen wrist machine, is the use of Vicino flexible OLED screen, large display area, non-hinge design and hardness comparable to the rigid screen, making wrist machine products stand out in the field of intelligent terminals, creating new categories and opening up new channels for terminal products at the same time.

In addition, since the beginning of this year, technology upgrades around the screen continue to emerge, Red Devils 3, one plus 7Pro and other success set off a trend of high refresh rate of 90Hz, a smoother sense of control and screen presentation not only bring a new experience, but also promote social, games and other mobile applications adaptation and upgrade. 

In addition to the integration and upgrading of screen technology, in terms of screen technology, ZTE Axon 10Pro, the first 5G mobile phone CE certified by the Tyre Terminal Laboratory, has just adopted the first flexible On-Cell technology in China, and the thickness of the screen body is 30% lower than that of the traditional flexible screen. At the same time, the global record of the frame 1.8mm under the screen is realized by using the COP packaging technology, and both of these two come from the Vishin Nuoguan G6 fully flexible AMOLED production line. This is the first fully flexible AMOLED sixth generation line in China, which uses the production line design to lead the industry to achieve "value-added" for end products.


In addition to enabling the upgrading of intelligent terminals, the vehicle display screen, as the core carrier of intelligent cockpit and human-computer interaction, has also become one of the key points of vehicle space upgrading in recent years. As the second "mobile terminal" in the 5G era, the car will present more abundant use scenes. For this reason, the flexible vehicle display scheme, by making full use of the adaptability of the flexible AMOLED screen, adds the flexible screen in the central control, dashboard and other areas to present the vehicle state in a more intuitive way, and can also realize on-board office and entertainment. In addition, at the safety level, the A-column is "transparent" based on flexible AMOLED technology, which solves the problem of blind area of A-column, which threatens driving safety. The scheme has been applied to mass production models. 

Whether it is to help the innovation and upgrading of smart phones, or to open up richer application scenarios in various fields, we can see that screen manufacturers have inevitably gone from behind the scenes to the front of the stage, and with the development of 5G, big data and the Internet of things, it will accelerate the further integration and development of display technology and various terminal fields, and collaborative innovation with terminal manufacturers will become the norm in the next stage.

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