BOE helps Gree in the New Life of IoT

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Update time : 2019-06-20 11:26:45
On June 18, BOE and Gree Electric Appliance held the "BOE Innovation Day" in Zhuhai, showing off innovative technologies and applications in the fields of  LoT, such as intelligent kitchen, AI living room, intelligent transportation, mobile health, etc., so that people can feel the wonderful life experience brought about by the Internet of things.

Cooking in the kitchen is too boring? A range hood with a display screen allows you to query recipes, cook delicious dishes, and even watch music and videos on the screen. What is the function of the refrigerator in addition to fresh food? Smart refrigerators with display solutions can recommend nutritional recipes based on the ingredients in the fridge, share weather information, and shop online as long as they touch or speak. At the Innovation Day held by BOE and Gree, BOE combines display screens with air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, range hood, coffee maker, etc., to build a new smart home solution. 

Nowadays, smart home appliances have gradually become the control center, entertainment center and shopping center of the family. The display screen integrates touch control, fingerprint recognition and other functions, and has become an "important port" for information interaction. According to the consultancy, the number of Internet of things ports will exceed 70 billion in 2025, 60 per cent of which are related to display screens. BOE is accelerating the integration of chips, display devices, software and content, functional hardware, etc., reflecting the trend of "core screen gas / device and" everywhere. 

At the event site, BOE also showed car display screen, flexible folding mobile phone screen, art Internet of things BOE screen, as well as mobile health solutions such as intelligent lipid scale, BOE arm sphygmomanometer, dynamic ECG recorder, sleep meter and so on, so that people can experience a more efficient and safe way to travel, and can enjoy art masterpieces without leaving home, and monitor all kinds of health indicators at any time.

Yuanfeng, Vice President of BOE, said: "over the past three years, BOE has held Innovation Day with a number of well-known brand manufacturers around the world to jointly develop innovative products and applications and build the Internet of things ecosystem. BOE will continue to expand the application market for the Internet of things and work with partners to bring better products and services to users around the world. "

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