The Differences Between Serial Port And Parallel Port LCD Module

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Update time : 2020-01-12 14:25:32
What is the difference between serial LCD module and parallel LCD module? We can look at it from these aspects:

1. Internal structure.

The parallel port liquid crystal module is mainly composed of liquid crystal display controller, parallel port controller, SDRAM controller and so on. Under the control of the clock chip, the data transmitted by the parallel port is temporarily stored, that is, what is transmitted is displayed.

The internal structure of serial LCD module is more complex than that of parallel port, which mainly includes liquid crystal display controller, SDRAM controller serial communication controller, FLASH controller, bus controller and so on. The serial LCD module receives the instructions from the host computer by the serial port, and then performs the corresponding display operation after translation. The content that needs to be displayed has been stored in FLASH and can be displayed directly after receiving the instruction.


2. Write some speed.

LCD screens are ultimately determined by each pixel, so their writing speed is determined by their manufacturing structure. The speed of the parallel port structure varies with the speed of the host computer. The speed of writing point of serial LCD module is mainly determined by the baud rate of serial port.

3. Place of use.

Parallel LCD modules are generally used in instruments with simple interface, high speed, high-speed drawing and real-time data, while serial LCD modules are mostly used in products with complex interface and wide display content.

4. Cost.

The price of parallel LCD module is generally cheaper than that of serial LCD module.

To sum up, the parallel LCD module has the advantages of simple, high speed and low cost, while the serial LCD module has complex interface and wide display content. Choose, LCD module here there is a professional technical team to provide you with service support, can recommend the most suitable products for you.
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