View Angle of LCD Display Screen

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LCD display screen is a kind of backlight display device. The light emitted by LCD is provided by backlight behind LCD module, which inevitably leads to only one optimum viewing angle of LCD - positive viewing angle. When you look at it from other angles, because the backlight can penetrate the adjacent pixels and enter the human eye, it will cause color distortion, the range of undistorted is the visual angle. The view angle of LCD display screen is also divided into horizontal view and vertical view, and the horizontal view is generally larger than the vertical view.

In life, whether you notice LCD display screen, from different perspectives, there are different effects. From the middle of the lcd display screen, and side point observation, the light intensity into the human eye is different, for the same picture, that is, there is a light, a dark situation, that is, the contrast is different. Combined with the definition of perspective, in the range of contrast acceptable to the human eye, the corresponding viewing angle of the screen is the perspective.

The visual angle of LCD display screen is a headache. When the backlight passes through the polarizer, liquid crystal and orientation layer, the output light has the directivity. In other words, most of the light is emitted vertically from the screen, so when you look at the LCD display screen from a larger angle, you can not see the original color, or even can only see all white or all black.

The LCD display screen in the market, as long as the horizontal angle of view reaches 120 degrees and the vertical angle of view reaches 140 degrees, can meet the application needs of most users. And the latest LCD panel is produced by wide-angle technology, which can reach up to 140 degrees, about 150 degrees, reducing the inconvenience caused by too small angle of view of LCD display screen. Of course, this performance is not comparable to the CRT display near 180 degrees, but it is more than enough for most applications.

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