What is the Function of LCD Backlight Panel?

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Update time : 2019-05-08 17:55:47
The principle of LCD backlight is to assemble the reflector, light guide plate, upper and lower BEF, LED lamp bar and rubber frame iron frame together. When the LED lamp bar is charged, the component emits side-looking light, which becomes plane light after the light guide plate, and provides backlight for LCD display. The control panels of TV sets, mobile phones, computers and various smart devices all use LCD screens and have backlights. What is the function of LCD backlight panel

Mobile LCD Backlight Panel

There are several thin films behind the LCD screen in the mobile phone. They are a reflection film (silver), a light guide plate (transparent plastic sheet) and two optical diffraction films (in order to make the light distribution more uniform).

TV LCD Backlight Panel

The LCD backlight panel of TV set is a light source device used to ensure the brightness behind the LCD screen.

Because the LCD display device itself is transparent and does not emit light, it needs a backlight plate to assist in luminescence. The brightness and uniformity of backlight panel have a direct impact on the performance of LCD.
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