What Conditions Need To Be Met For The On-board LCD Screen

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Author : China LCD screen supplier
Update time : 2020-07-01 11:00:11
Now that the on-board LCD screen has been widely used in the automobile industry, what conditions do the on-board display screen need to meet?

First of all, the working environment of cars is relatively complex. The car will be exposed to the sun in summer, the temperature of the car is very high, the electronic components in the car must be able to work with the car, there can be no problems. In some northern areas, winters are so cold that ordinary LCD screens don't work. At these times, a high and low temperature resistant liquid crystal display screen is needed to display driving information for car owners and escort them.

The highlight LCD screen not only works normally in extreme temperature environment, but also needs to be visible and waterproof in ultra-bright sunlight. And the GPU and display screen of the liquid crystal display module will heat up in the process of use. The higher the resolution of the LCD screen, the greater the heat generation.

Therefore, finding or developing hardware products suitable for the car environment and matching a set of hardware environment to meet the requirements of the vehicle is also a technical difficulty to test the R & D team. Therefore, compared with the resolution of mobile phones, televisions and other monitors, the car display screen is more conservative.

When technology products enter the manufacturing industry, as soon as they find a direction, the speed of development will be quite rapid. Now the LCD technology has become more and more mature, in today's more and more application scenarios, the vehicle LCD screen has been able to fully meet the changing working environment and working requirements of the car.
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