Which Kind Of LCD Panel Is The Most Widely Used

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LCD panels are mainly divided into two categories: TN and wide-angle panels. TN panels have mature production technology, high quality rate, low price, but small viewing angle, and the color can only reach 16.2m color, which is not conducive to color restoration. According to this, the wide-angle panel is divided into IPS panel, MVA panel and PVA panel, its price is very high, but the color can reach 16.7m color and the viewing angle is more than 170C.

At present, only about 5% of the displays in the market use wide-angle panels, and most of the rest are cheap TN type LCD monitors.


1. TN panel.

TN panel is based on the relatively mature standard TFT-TN liquid crystal technology, which is widely used in entry-level and low-end liquid crystal displays. Because of its less output gray class and fast liquid crystal molecular deflection, its response time is easy to improve. At present, TN panels are used in liquid crystal products below 8ms in the market. Generally speaking, cheap price and fast response time are its biggest advantages, but the visual angle is only 140 degrees, and it is not as good as other high-end panels in terms of color restoration, because the color of the 16.7m TN panel has not changed substantially compared with 16.2m.

2. Wide-angle panel 1: IPS panel.

The biggest sometimes is that IPS panel has super realistic color restoration ability, but its response time is relatively long, and the production cost is high, so it is mostly used in high-end professional drawing LCD, and the famous Apple LCD uses this kind of panel. In addition, the visual angle of the IPS panel is very large, which can basically reach the level of the CRT display, and the color display ability reaches 16.7m, but the performance is not satisfactory in terms of contrast, response time, black background color and color saturation.

3. Wide-angle panel 2: MVA panel.

The MVA panel can be said to be the earliest wide-view technology. Its liquid crystal layer contains a bulge for liquid crystal molecules to attach. Without applying voltage, the MVA panel looks no different from the traditional technology. The liquid crystal molecules are perpendicular to the screen, and once under the action of voltage, the liquid crystal molecules will be attached to the protruding object and offset to form a state perpendicular to the surface of the protruding object. This technology effectively improves the response time and viewing angle of the LCD, so that the angle of view can reach more than 170 degrees, at the same time, the contrast is greatly improved, and the color display ability is up to 16.7m.

4. Wide-angle panel 3: PVA panel.

PVA panel is a derivative of the MVA panel, which uses a transparent ITO layer to replace the bulge in the MVA LCD molecules, which greatly improves the light transmittance, thus improving the picture quality, so that the display performance is greatly improved, and its angle of view can also reach 170degrees, response time, contrast and color restoration ability and other aspects have been greatly improved, it can be said that PVA LCD panel has almost no weakness except the price. Due to the high production cost, PVA panels are mostly used for LCD TVs and high-end drawing LCD, are still some distance from ordinary consumers.
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